Drehers PatchServices


John Dreher and his team have been taking care of our six acres for over ten years. Their work is always the best: professional, speedy and with great attention to detail. They do everything for us. They prune our trees and shrubery, they put in a French drain, they fix our sprinklers when needed, they helped us plant an entire hillside with bee and bird friendly plants that flower year long and that the deer do not eat. That's just short of a miracle in the Auburn area!
Mary Helen Fein, Auburn Resident

John and everyone at Dreher's Patch helped us to get our large property cleared and fire safe. With his tractor, he clears everything for 100 yards around the house. That way the fire cannot get to us. He also built a vegetable garden for us, with raised beds and an 8-foot fence that the deer cannot get over. He has planted fruit and flowering trees and maintained them for us with yearly pruning and upkeep. He's a pleasure to have around, and is a real straight-shooter. I can't recommend him highly enough.
Stu Clancy, Christian Valley HomeOwner