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Our Services

Land Clearing and Levelling
We offer property cleanup, field mowing, weed eating, brush chipping, blackberry removal, poison oak hauling, total fire breaks, and ASV mechanical clearing. Give us a call today!

Tree Services
We can remove smaller trees, prune your fruit trees, create brush firebreaks, do stump grinding, and all kinds of hauling. Call us at the above number for an estimate. You will be happy you did!

Fire Prevention
We will remove debris from your preoperty to lower the likelihood of fire sweeping across your land. Call us today for details on this valuable service!

Yard Maintenance
We offer full service yard maintenance. You can specify weekly or monthly or whenever needed. We will come wiht our hard working professional crew and do mowing, weed eating, pruning, hauling, fire prevention. We also offer leaf removal. Do your sprinklers need repair? Call us for prompt solutions. We do everything that you need done in your yard. See what we can do to help you to have a beautiful yard today!

List of Services

Brush Cleaning
Bark Installation
Yard Maintenance
Wood Chipping
Stump Grinding
Tree Trimming
Tree Service
Land Clearing
Tree Removal
Brush Removal
Fire Breaks
Hauling Services


Dreher's Patch Offers a Wide Variety of Services